About Us

Brooks Development is an IRS-recognized 501(c)(3) public charity that brings together conflicting people, groups, and organizations, and mediates candid discussions between them to deescalate tension and foster peaceful and respectful (and perhaps constructive) coexistence.

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People, groups, and organizations peacefully discussing differing perceptions and advocating for competing outcomes in close proximity – while overtly acknowledging their shared values of freedom, justice, and self-determination.


We are in this together.


Bring together people, groups, and organizations with differing perceptions and seeking competing outcomes – and mediate candid one-on-one discussions between them to build a bridge to mutual understanding, respect, and peaceful coexistence.


The mediator’s strong, but respectful and disarming demeanor, and ability to help people understand others’ statements and perspectives makes the participants feel comfortable sharing and receiving each other’s candid personal views without physical attacks. After the discussions, the participants return home and share their experiences with their families, friends, and associates, which leads them to refrain from physically attacking the other group despite their differing perceptions and desires for different outcomes.


Our CEO, Ricky Brooks II, will leverage: (1) his knowledge gained through undergraduate study of psychology at the University of Maryland, College Park, (2) his 13 years of professional leadership, management, and law enforcement training and experience as a former commissioned officer and veteran of the US Coast Guard, and (3) his life experiences as an African-American male youth, adult, and professional – to serve as the calming leader of private discussions between people, groups, and organizations with differing views and seeking competing outcomes. He will participate in the discussions as the voice that assures participants on both sides are free to exchange their views without being physically attacked and opens them up to receiving the other’s views.


Brooks Development’s logo is three black dashes with red borders, floating in white. Each dash represents individuality. The size and alignment of each dash represent equality. The three dashes together represent individuals as a collective group. And the three colors — red, black and white — represent the power of each individual and the power of individuals as a group. Our logo means “We are in this together.” We are individuals — and — we exist together. We experience fear, anger, frustration, grief, pride, success, love, happiness, and hope as individuals — and together.