Brooks Development’s logo is three black dashes with red borders, floating in a white background. Each dash represents individuality. The size and alignment of each dash represent equality. The three dashes together represent individuals as a collective group. And the three colors — red, black and white — represent the power of each individual and the power of individuals as a group. Our logo means “We are in this together.” We are individuals — and — we exist together. We experience fear, anger, frustration, grief, pride, success, love, happiness, and hope as individuals — and together.

About Us

Brooks Development is an IRS-recognized 501(c)(3) public charity that privately brings together conflicting people, groups, and organizations, and serves as a mediator to deescalate tensions and foster respectful (and perhaps constructive) coexistence.

My personal and professional experiences and academic background make me uniquely capable of bridging the largest social and societal gaps. ~ Ricky Brooks II, Brooks Development’s President and CEO

E-mail: contactus@brooks-development.com

Mail: 2657-G Annapolis Rd, #156, Hanover, MD 21076

Fax: 410-551-8701